Viva + Viva Pro Strategies

ViVa (Viva comes from Italian and Spanish, where it means “Long Live!”), is the jewel in our crown.

Viva is a completely faithful interpretation and automation of Becky’s "Buy & Build" Strategy that has been continually developed and used by professional and enthusiast level traders since 2017 to allow them to make profit from its use. Some of these users of the "Buy & Build" Strategy are present in our friendly and supportive discord group. You can talk to them whenever you wish. What they know from its use and experience is completely relevant to ViVa, and priceless to those who use it.

ViVa employs various data points and market rhythms or tides to pinpoint optimal trade position entry and accurate inter-level safety-order placements creating real and repeatable profit opportunities for success in a “real-world” Application.

ViVa has been designed to be ultra durable. It has the flexibility to handle fluctuations and unexpected market drops hard-wired into its code. We engineered ViVa to work. It isn’t supposed to produce results that just look great in an unrealistic theoretical back-testing scenario (back-testing results are excellent in spite of this!).

ViVa produces real results from real trading, and makes real profit from those Trades.