Buy & Build

Becky’s “Buy & Build” Strategy

The "Buy & Build" strategy is a very powerful but extremely elegant and easy to use process that I have designed to help traders make increased profits.

I’ll show you how simplicity in trading works to enable you to gain very, very good results but retains an incredible ease of use

In trading there are 4 possible outcomes for your trade - you either have

1. Small win

2. Small loss

3. Big win

4. Big loss

Now with this strategy you can eliminate number 4 and thank me later.

When I started trading it was small wins - big losses.

Then I went to being able to do a small win and a small loss.

Then I went though a period of big wins and a big loss and finally now I’m at the stage where I have big wins, some small wins too,  but I always have small losses.

This is the key to turning yourself around and being a consistent and profitable trader.

Most novice traders think they have to buy a pumping or dumping coin to make money. There are lots of new traders that tell me thats what they do.  Fortunately, we have developed some really excellent rules for buying coins just as they start to recover and move upwards.

The problem with buying in when the coin is pumping is that you don’t know where the top is.

Then new traders will typically stay in the trade because they FOMO in and don’t realise that there will be a top.

The truth is that you don’t know where the top is until it gets there.  The best time to buy is when the coin has retraced and move then starts upwards again.

When the market drops its an OPPORTUNITY.  You won’t see it to begin with but when the market falls like crazy it is in fact a huge opportunity to buy in.  You will make serious returns on the rebound.  Of course it depends on the coin and the chart.  Market drops give you the opportunity to boost your account value and boost your profits.

You will make serious returns on the rebound.

Why waste time and money buying coins that are still pumping?   

Why not buy into the right coins that are moving in the right direction.  This is what I teach.

My training is all about using a few simple rules that you need for this strategy. 

We are going to be capturing stair steps to profits as trends do not go straight up. 

Im going to give you simple rules to get in and out.

It is effective on all timeframes.

This kind of trade suits all kinds of traders from aggressive to conservative. 

Training for my "Buy & Build" Strategy is given on a one-to-one basis via video call. It is backed up with ongoing support through discord. It can change your life in trading.