The Team

Becky Gaskell, CEO

I’m Becky, and I live in the UK with my husband Simon.

I am a full time Trader, Educator, and Bot Creator.

For the last 25 years, I have been an Entrepreneur with an adventurous spirit - Getting involved in different ventures that have sparked my interest.
During the 80’s and 90’s, I was Professional Riding Instructor and ran my own showing yard. There, I offered my expertise to a carefully selected client base, who's horses and ponies I produced to compete at International level.
That led me to designing, manufacturing, and selling bespoke high- end Horse-boxes / Equine Transport for the luxury end of the equestrian market. I had the equestrian background and learned about manufacturing. I had a team of 6 highly skilled coach builders, and this incredible business was very successful and rewarding.
Since 2015 I have been wholeheartedly invested in all things crypto. It has built my confidence, given me a fantastic lifestyle, taught me some surprising new skills, introduced me to some wonderful friends, and most important, it has made me happy.


Simon Clarkson, COO

Simon is the C.O.O. of Dimension 7 Technologies.

He has previously worked in engineering and sales. He has worked extensively in research and development for leading automotive manufacturers, and still occasionally works in this area as a consultant.

Simon has traded crypto since 2017. He fully supports the idea that normal people like all of us, can use the crypto markets to create increased wealth and prosperity for themselves and those they care for. His main passion is to help to facilitate and help those people to achieve that success.

He knows that the keys to this success are, knowledge, in the form of learning some great strategies and industry leading automation/bots, commitment to the path, practice and real world experience, and of course, great support.

These elements are what we have made available to clients inside Dimension 7.


Martin King, Director Key Accounts.

Martin is a seasoned marketing professional with over thirty years of experience in the travel industry.

He has successfully owned and operated several leading companies in telecoms, postal services, and digital printing. With expertise in networking, social media marketing, and day trading, Martin brings his unique blend of skills to our table.

His strategic mindset, deep understanding of consumer behaviour, and commitment to excellence make him an invaluable part of Dimension7.


James Slusser, Director Operations.

James Slusser

James Slusser has over twenty-five years of experience as both a business leader and a consultant working with senior executive teams in the Americas, Europe, and Asia.

He has held senior leadership positions in a number of global marketing service, retail and publishing companies and has worked in a wide range of industries including telecommunications, retail and consumer products.

He has served as a senior advisor to both multinational corporations and start-ups, helping to craft corporate strategies, define marketing strategies, and improve organizational effectiveness.

James established Kurkuma in 2017, and currently provides Web3 + iOS Software Development and Instruction, Cryptocurrency Trading Coaching, and Marketing + Operations Consulting services. He is American 🇺🇸, based in Los Angeles, CA and has spent nearly a decade in crypto. He purchased his first cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) in 2014, his first NFT (CryptoKitties) in 2017, and has been offering crypto trading coaching services since 2021.


Jan Winter, Commercial Director Strategic Sales.


Jan Winter is a 35 year old creative and visionary entrepreneur and founder based in Porto, skydiving and Freeletics addicted, since 10 years self employed, consulting with focus on taxes and accounting, proven track record in strategic sales consulting, cold call trainings, deep knowledge in financing, real estate and insurances, leadership experiences with teams up to 30 people, leadership trainings for more than 650 clients, for 5 years at Klarna as Senior Commercial Manager (european decacorn, Swedish ePayment provider), eCommerce


David Young, Ph.D. Director, Data Configuration & Implementation.


Dave Young is a licensed Clinical Psychologist, retired after 40+ year career aimed, primarily, at building high quality, cost-sensitive health care programs for individuals with work injuries, frail (community living) elders, and persons struggling with chronic pain. Dave’s clinical (and research) work focused, mainly, on data analytics, evaluation of outcomes, quality assurance and the process of change management. Dave is fascinated by how we can use data science to improve outcomes – while balancing and honoring the “art” of clinical care and personal growth.

One day, Dave “discovered” crypto trading. He can’t explain how or why. Serendipity – Dave met Becky Gaskell and they formed an alliance, with Dave as student, Becky as guide, and the learning began. Now, Dave likes to refer to himself as the most “conservative” investor on Becky’s team – loving how her straightforward trading system allows him to engage in the excitement of investing, with modest and managed risk and time commitment. All while exploring other aspects of retirement (yes, a balanced life portfolio).

Dave contributes to the Dimension 7 team in a variety of ways. Often evolving. Always aimed at supporting the team, and subscribers, with timely information about trading strategies and workflows based on analytics and good old-fashioned instinct and knowledge of the market. Among other tasks, Dave helps identify potential trade setups for VIP members.