We are Dimension 7

Dimension 7 was born from the shared vision of a group of people who are from very different backgrounds and experiences. We are different ages, from different countries and continents, and we have different areas of expertise and knowledge.

Dimension 7 is forged from the knowledge, skills, and experience of those partners who all pull together to offer what we wish had been available to us when we first began our exploration into crypto-trading some years ago. Actually those same needs are still the cornerstones of what any trader needs regardless of experience or competence level.

We are a company born from the need to make great strategies, bots, education, and most importantly, real honest support available for those people that want to be successful in their trading,  and those that understand in order to achieve that, they need some tools and expert feedback at whatever place they are in their journey as a trader. Beginner or hard-bitten pro trader, its still the same need. All of us want to make profits and succeed.

Here is the reality of trading for the vast majority of us. We all need support. That support should for certain include at least 2 or more really excellent strategies that are proven to outsmart those that use less than amazing ones.

There are lots of those “less than amazing” ones out there. Its the same with other kinds of support. For example, we have an excellent discord server that is an amazing source of knowledge and expertise. If you have a question, you will get an answer from someone who has no axe to grind, or a need to show you how they are somehow better than you for whatever reason. We believe in mutual support and our personal reward is seeing those we get to know succeed in trading.

Lets look at trading this way. If you want to find gold, you will need to dig some holes so that you can get to that gold. To achieve digging some holes, you will need a shovel. We have our amazing shovels for you to use. We will show you how to best employ them, and we can even show you the best places to dig! It really is as simple as that.