Piggy Bank Strategy

Piggy Bank is the most amazing thing you could ask for. We are extremely proud of it.  Here is a bot that can enable you to choose an asset, lets say Bitcoin for example, and place buy orders at those moments of market advantage.

You decide how much you want Piggy bank to spend, and how often you want to spend it. Maybe you have $100 per month that you want to use to invest and hold some Bitcoin? Maybe you think that its better to buy one time per week for $20? You decide what fits you the best.

Piggy Bank will choose its best-guess moment to buy in for you. It uses similar logic to ViVa, so it has those same excellent genetics. Piggy Bank is like ViVa’s greedy little brother that only wants to grab as much as it can for you!

You may decide that you want to save some money for a special purchase, or a holiday, or whatever else you want.

This sounds amazing doesn’t it? For access please just let us have a few details here

Here it is then. Piggy Bank is our gift for you. No paid subscription, no percentage taken, no nothing. You are very welcome.