Our Partner Program

Dimension7 Partners

Dimension7 Partners are a (completely free!) option to help you expedite your Dimension7 journey. Please visit the Partner Program section in our Discord server to learn more about all of our amazing Partners, each of whom has been involved with Dimension7 from the beginning.

Our Partners can assist if you have any questions or are considering getting started with Viva, the advanced automated trading bot. Learn how to unlock access to Partner private channels, offering specialized support, professional mentorship, and time sensitive trading information. Or if you just want to nerd out on all things web3, crypto, DeFi, AI, trading, NFTs, whatever…ask us anything!

If you already have a relationship with a Dimension7 Partner, please select that partner from the Partner Program section and send them a message so you can be added to their private channel where they can better serve you. If you are interested in working with a Partner, but don’t have an existing relationship, simply select your Partner of choice. If you choose not to work with a Partner, that’s fine too. Whatever works best for you 😊. 

Please head over to the #Viva and/or #VIP channels if you are already a subscriber (depending on your respective subscription level), or if not subscribed, the #chit-chat channel to ask questions. You will find a warm and friendly environment and someone (likely several!) will be happy to help you out.

See you on Discord